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CAA Information

Important Information regarding the SEI Cash Access Account Program

Your SEI Cash Access Account (CAA) is a cash management program linked to your SEI Investment Account.

Advantages include:

  • Monthly Sweeps -Sweep rebalancing takes place on the 20th of the month and restores your CAA balance to the target minimum/maximum set on the initial account application.  Sweeps will pull from available cash at your SEI linked account, and will place trades, if necessary.  Consult your Advisor or Financial Professional for more information or to change your target minimum/maximum.
  • Interest Payment - Interest on your CAA Securities-Backed Line of Credit may be automatically deducted from your CAA Checking Account on the 19th of the month, if applicable.
  • Built-in Overdraft Protection - Checks and billpay items that cannot be covered by your CAA balance will access the Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC), if applicable, and then cash available at SEI to cover the overdraft amount.  
  • Online Manual Funds Transfer - Manual funds transfers can be initiated by logging into your account, clicking on “Funds Transfer”, and then clicking the “SEI Transfer” button. 1

  • ATM access with VISA® debit card

  • Free standard checks

  • Competitive interest rates

  • SEI CAA Mobile Banking App available for download, includes deposit functionality

  • No minimum balance requirement 

If applicable.  Some SEI Investment Accounts are not eligible for linking.  Consult your Advisor or Financial Professional for more details.